Research Partners:

Armasuisse :

Armasuisse is the Swiss Federal Office for Defense.They provide us with financial support,fire-fighting consulting and infrastructure


ETH Zurich is one of the leading engineering universitiesaround the world (ranked as 6th bestuniversity worldwide by qs rankings 2021). Our teamis made up of students from this university andthey offer us the opportunity to do this project


D-MAVT is the mechanical engineering department fromETH Zurich. The focus projects are anoptional part of the curriculum of the mechanicalengineering bachelor


The Autonomous Systems Laboratory is a research groupof ETH. Most of the PhD studentssupporting us come from this laboratory. They supportus and we benefit greatly from theirexperience


Code Mamba:

CodeMamba is a software and marketing company thatcouncils and supports companies with theirpublic appearance. They are responsible for the maintenanceof our website and give us advice forcreating content.



D-MAVT CARES is an initiative from the D-MAVT department.To reduce the university’s carbonfootprint, the D-MAVT CARES Initiative financiallysupports focus projects that pursue one or more ofthe United Nations' sustainable development goals.


Formant bridge the gap between autonomous systemsand the people running them. They developand manage a platform that allows us to control ourdrone, easily access sensor and telemetry dataand reliably stream video data to a ground station


RUAG is a manufacturer that develops aerospace technologiesfor Switzerland. They also provide uswith the negative forms required for the carbon fiberwings and laminated them together with thecontrol surfaces


Dufour aerospace:

Dufour Aerospace is a swiss startup to provide aerialelectric transport among other goals. They areworking with a similar Tilt wing VTOL and can thereforeprovide us with a lot of consulting andtechnical help.


Wyss Zürich:

Wyss Zurich unites world-leading experts from differentinstitutions in multidisciplinary teams,pooling their knowledge and expertise. They provideour team with laser-sintered parts that are bothlight and robust.



Swaytronic specialize in high performance batteriesand their slogan is “Battery follows application”.The batteries they contributed form the core of ourdrones’ power delivery system and they exactlyfit our needs.

Suter Kunststoffe:

Suter Kunststoffe is an expert in carbon fiber andfiberglass technologies. They provide us with alltheCFK structural components such as the main rods forthe wing. Our carbon fiber wings are producedfrom their fibers and epoxy materials.