Project Roll-out

Today is the Roll-out, the official presentation, for IGNIS and our fellow focus projects. We will hold a presentation and after that there will be a live chat where you can ask us any questions you might have about IGNIS. Check out the online exhibition at and come visit us! See you there👋

From CAD to Reality – SCINTILLA

From CAD to Reality – SCINTILLA

Scintilla is Latin for “spark”. Scintilla represents the original idea that has sparked our all interest in project IGNIS and that has brought us to where we are at now. This week the mechanics and electronics teams are working together on assembling SCINTILLA, our final prototype. The base structure consists of Wood and laser sintered plastic. The wings are made…

First hover flight

Our small scale prototype ICARUS II had it’s first successful hover flight. Pictures say more than words so watch the video to see it with your own eyes (and yes, it is really flying on its own here, the rope is only to catch it in case of a system failure).



As promised, we have been working hard to improve our small-scale prototype. May we introduce: ICARUS II There is still quite a bit of work to be done until ICARUS II is ready to fly, especially on the software side. We will keep you updated and post a maiden flight as soon as everything is ready.  Until then, here you…

We are back!

Exams are done, the new semester has started. It has been an intensive study phase for all of us. But we did it and now we are ready to once more delve head first into Project IGNIS and pick up where we have left.

Review 1

Today was the first out of four reviews for ours and other Focusprojects. We have been preparing for this for the last two weeks and today we finally got the opportunity to present project IGNIS to our professors, coaches, the other teams and their coaches and – last but not least – to our sponsors. We had to answer some…


Not all things go as planned. Unfortunately this was also the case for the first flight of our small-scale prototype ICARUS I. There are a lot of little things and some majro ones as well, that need to be tuned and improved. But we will not let this unsuccessful event bring us down! If anything ICARUS II is already in…