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Our Team

Pelayo Garcia

CEO - Aerodynamics Engineer

Thanks to his organizational skills and willingness not to watch lectures, Pelayo is the perfect
motivated team leader. His love for nature and technology were key factors in the origin of the

Jan Morlock

ER (External relations) - System Engineer

Together with Pelayo, Jan brought up the brilliant idea of this project and proposed it to the
department. Now that this phase is over, his new hobby is to encourage (and annoy) other team
members to test.
Interests: Writing (love) letters to companies

Martin Mekkattu

ER (External relations) - Mechanical Design Engineer

Martin, our In-house Philosopher. He likes to put crazy ideas into other people's heads. He is fun-
loving, down to earth and very much optimist. You can expect homely behaviour & dedicated up-
bringing from him.

Safras Rawfal

Media - Structural Engineer

A little messy, unorganized and chaotic, but he gets the job done. Not only on time but with a
couple of seconds to spare.

Mirco Vandeventer

ER (External relations) - Controls Engineer

Even though he sees himself as an introvert, Mirco is an engaged person. Besides studying
mechanical engineering he is a volunteer firefighter, gives volleyball lessons and goes to church.
While he loves what he is doing, he still sometimes likes it best to just find a comfortable place and
read a good story.

Lukas Brändli

Media - Propulsion Engineer

Lukas loves nature and has a big heart for animals. He enjoys reading, playing games with his friends
and building and flying FPV (first-person view) drones. When he puts on his FPV goggles, he looks just like the nerd he truly is.

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